Do your staff have enough of the skills you need to grow your business?
Unfortunately, whatever you think, there is only one answer to this question. “NO.” Why? Three simple reasons.

  1. You may be turning down work because you don’t have enough of the specialized skills you need (in a recent BC survey over 60% of companies had this situation), or
  2. You may want to grow your business, which means you’ll need better skills from your people, or
  3. You may be happy with your current sales and profitability, but you will need better skills just to stay where you are as your competitors work to get better.

To deal with this, your supervisors and front-line managers will need better skills. This is because they are the ones who will wind up training the new skills, and they are the ones who will make the many small improvements that over time will give you a competitive edge.

In other words, the only way to deal with your skill shortage is to build up your supervisors and front-line managers. It also turns out that when these people have better skills, you keep more of the great people you do have; research shows that the single biggest reason people leave a job is because they don’t like working for their boss.

So if you don’t have a choice about whether to improve their skills, how can you do it? The problem is that conventional training doesn’t seem to make any difference. Reminders and nagging just create frustration. It’s too expensive to just fire everyone who can’t do the job perfectly. And doing nothing isn’t really an option.

As an Operations Manager, I needed to improve the skills of my leads and supervisors. After much stumbling around, I found a way to develop them, using a program called Training Within Industry.

This proven program resulted in better productivity, better safety, better on-time performance and significantly less waste. Since the programs were so well designed, they were easy to learn and easy to implement.

What I like best is that these programs focus on the four core skills that every supervisor must master:

  1. deal with performance issues
  2. train new skills
  3. make the work processes easier, faster, and more accurate; and
  4. set work priorities.

Your supervisors will learn these skills at our UNCOMMON SUPERVISORY LEADERSHIP program this June 18 - 22.  It is five half days of highly-effective instruction combined with carefully designed "homework" and an unusual but effective follow-up program that will result in new behaviour and noticeable results for your supervisors.

This program is ideal for people new to supervision and managing, for those who are struggling, and for experienced supervisors who have never had any formal training.

Click Here to get our flyer and to register for the course. The cost is only $1,150 per person, but most supervisors make enough improvements to pay for the program in a month or two. And if you register by June 2, 2012, we'll take of $75, so you can send your supervisor for only $1,075.

Here are a few examples of achievements of supervisors who have taken our programs:

  1. reduced the time to complete a large assembly operation from 3 1/2 hours to 2 hours without any investment
  2. reduced a drilling operation from 10 minutes to 6 minutes
  3. reduced the time to prepare for training by 50% and reduced training time by 25% while achieving better learning outcomes
  4. reduced the error rate in a shop by 20 - 25% without spending a penny
  5. increased the productivity of a problem individual by over 50%

If these sound like the kinds of results you need from your supervisor, you can register for the course Click Here

We look forward to helping you improve your operations.

Yours, for better supervision

Hugh Alley, President

P.S. Don't forget to register by June 2, 2012 to get a $75 discount.Click Here

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