Do Your Supervisors have the 4 Essential Skills?

Hugh Alley here. A few days ago you received an e-mail from me describing the four skills every supervisor must master:

1) deal with performance issues,
2) make improvements to the work processes,
3) instruct people in new skills, and
4) set work priorities.

When supervisors and leads do these four things well productivity, quality and morale go up, and costs go down. 

But people don't gain these skills just by being around for a long time, or from being good at the work. And when supervisors or leads can't do them, service suffers and the good people in your operation leave.

First Line Training will be running our UNCOMMON SUPERVISORY LEADERSHIP program April 30 - May 4 in Port Coquitlam. In this course, your supervisors and leads will learn and practice each of these skills so that they can make a difference in your operation. 

There is still time to sign up for the course, but only a couple of days to sign up and get a $100 discount off the course fee.

Click Here to get detailed information about the course. Sign up by April 16 and you can let your supervisors and leads learn these critical skills for just $1,050. After that, the cost is $1,150.

Remember, the discounted price is only until April 16. Click Here to register!


Hugh Alley, President

P.S. These four skills are at the core of the very best companies in the world. They are essential for you to compete effectively. Click Here to sign up your leads and supervisors and get the competitive edge.

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