Exclusive Membership Access

Have you ever wished you had a trusted advisor you could turn to when you have a workplace challenge? As someone who has taken one of our courses, I'm guessing your answer is yes. And while I'd love to be available for you 24/7, life doesn't work that way. So I've created what I hope will be the next best alternative - a membership-based website that has resources that you can access whenever you need.

This is your invitation to join. We're offering you a complimentary 3-month subscription to this membership website. It has a wide range of articles, videos, and resources that you can turn to any time. And if you can't find what you need, ask! You can ask in the forum, where others can contribute from their wisdom and experience. And I'll be chipping in regularly, too, drawing from both my own experience and the experiences of all our students.

You'll find articles I've written, articles others have written, the flip charts from our courses, links to other websites that we trust, and videos as well. We'll also give you access to all the forms and tools that we use and that we introduced to you during the courses. We hope that you'll learn faster, have some fun, and become an even better front line manager or supervisor.

After the three months, you'll have the opportunity to continue your membership for just $27 per month. For less than $1 per day you'll have unlimited access to a growing set of tools and resources that will let you solve your every-day problems and help you become an awesome supervisor!

Hugh Alley, President


So take us for a test drive for the next three months. We look forward to having you in the community!