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  JUNE 2012 Issue #004

When trying to sort out a problem in the workplace, poor supervisors "stick to the facts".

Great supervisors listen to the opinions and feelings of the others in the workplace.

Why This Works?

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Welcome to First Line Training's newsletter. We hope you find it interesting, entertaining, and worth a few minutes of your time to read. Each month we'll share a success story, give you an idea you can put to use right away, and, as you can see in the space above, we'll include an idea that will help you have the mindset you need to be a great supervisor. We welcome your comments. Write to us at info@firstlinetraining.ca. And please feel free to forward this to anyone who you think might be interested.


Upcoming Course: Uncommon Supervisory Leadership

This course is five half days and provides a practical introduction to the primary responsibilities of any supervisor. Full of practical techniques and proven methods, participants learn how to make improvements in their work processes, how to instruct, how to deal with performance problems in their people and how to organize their day. But isn't enough to know the skills. Being a supervisor is a different role, so you need to be a different person.

In this program the participants change their perspective on how to manage, and what it means to be a supervisor, so that they are comfortable being a supervisor. The program includes a 20-day program they can take back to their workplace and use to cement the new skills, as well as four coaching calls in the four weeks after the course to reinforce what has been learned.

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We'll call him "Rob". Rob oversees two crews - the dayshift, and a couple of guys who work the afternoon shift. When Rob came to our training program he was frustrated by the tension between the shifts, and in particular by one of the crew members. He seemed to be blaming the other shift all the time. There was an obvious lack of communication between the shifts, and production from the afternoon shift was much less than the day shift. The log-book, meant to communicate between shifts, rarely had any notes, yet he constantly heard constantly about jobs not completed, set-ups not done or not done correctly, and jobs not done right.

As Rob applied the Job Relations model, he started by setting his objectives. He wanted the guys on the two shifts to be civil to and about each other, and he wanted higher production from the night crew. Then he started IMPORTANT STEP 1 - gathering facts. One of the facts that surfaced was that the crews overlapped in time by 30 minutes, but didn't talk. Typically the new crew would just go outside for a smoke. It dawned on him that the overlap between shifts wasn't being used effectively...

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Tips for Supervisors - "Skill Shortages"

There are skill shortages in almost every industry but you have a great opportunity to put your skills as a supervisor to use. Knowing how to instruct is crucial. By being able to teach specific elements and skills you will be able to find more qualified individuals to do the work in your shop rather than hiring a fully trained individual such as a machinist. As a result this adds real value to your organization.

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Uncommon Supervisory Leadership Program

June 18 - 22, 2012
Location: Fraser Valley

Learn the basic elements of supervision: how to train, how to improve process, how to handle problem performance issues, and how to manage your work day to maximize your results. 5 half days plus a 20-day coaching program to follow up.

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