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DECEMBER 2012 Issue #007
The Lights of Hope Campaign
supports St. Paul's Hospital
Foundation, one of our charities.
In this time of giving, please
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Weak supervisors go through their work day rarely acknowledging their team; they wind up alienating them. Great supervisors make a point of smiling and saying hello to each of their team at the start of every day, and again any time they pass by.

Everyone likes to be ...

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Many religious traditions have some kind of festival near the time of the winter solstice, and most of those traditions involve light in one fashion or another. In my Christian tradition, the story is about the birth of a baby who is the light of the world. In earlier pagan times, lights on trees were a celebration of the deepest midwinter night and the start of the lengthening daylight. The Jewish tradition of Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights, celebrates the rededication of the second temple in Jerusalem. In the Hindu tradition, Divali is the festival of lights in late October or early November, and celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Whatever your tradition, we wish you blessings in this time of long nights and short days. May each of you, in your roles as supervisors and front line managers, be a light for your team, bringing joy and hope into your workplace.

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Tips for Supervisors - "Job Methods"

This video discusses a success story of a supervisor using "Job Instruction Method" to train her staff of one task that was causing problems for the company's customers.

The supervisor found 3 things happened very quickly:

    1. People being trained felt that they were important because she took the time to train them
    2. People being trained felt that the task they were doing was important and mattered to the customer
    3. Training happened and the problem ...
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SUCCESS STORY – Seeing a new Dimension in Steel

One of our students took his observation lessons to heart and made a huge difference in the efficiency of his plant. I'll call him Brad. Using the 20-day program, he watched an operation. They were using 48" wide steel to manufacture ventilation pipes. He realized that if he used 60" steel, which the shop could handle easily, he could eliminate 20% of the welding related to the pipe seams.

Getting rid of 20% of the work in anything is impressive. But the results ...

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A client of mine recently completed some training for one of her staff using the Training Within Industry model that we, at First Line Training, use, teach and recommend. She was very excited about the results.

The employee worked in a hosptial – part of the cast of unsung heros that make a hospital function day in and day out: kitchen staff, janitors and cleaners, laundries, etc. These are not typically done by highly skilled people. Yet these people make decisions every day that directly affect the ability of the hospital to deliver great care.

In this case, the task was restocking supplies within the wards. The company needed to train some additional people to correctly count and resupply the wards. To do that, the person needed to learn how to enter an order in the firm's computer system. For people whose literacy isn't great, that can be a ...

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