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What you need to do?

We hope that you are still as excited about what you learned at Uncommon Supervisory Leadership as you were when you completed the program.

As I talk to past participants from time to time, I continue to hear great stories about how you have used your new skills. Whether it is cutting the rework rate in half, or cutting transport time in half, or needing 25% less time to teach people new skills, or just getting people to stop talking and go back to work, your stories are inspiring. They reinforce my confidence that the tools we teach make a difference.

We continue to offer this program on a regular basis, and each time new people get excited about how their actions can improve their workplace.

We'd like as many people as possible to experience this and learn the skills. And that's where you can help out.

There is no better way to have our programs promoted than for people who have been through them to share their experience. So as we work to fill the next course, happening on June 18 – 22, tell your friends about it.


Here is our invitation. Tell people you know about the program. Then send an e-mail to your friend that includes the flyer attached to this e-mail, with a copy to info@firstlinetraining.ca, and we'll enter you in a draw. There will be two winners. The first winner will be randomly drawn from among the five people who made the most referrals. The second winner will be drawn randomly from among those who made a referral and had the person register for the course. The prizes?? Each prize will be a $75 prepaid VISA card.

And of course, if the person you refer hasn't done business with us before, we'll give you a referral commission, too.

So the more people you tell about the next course, which runs June 18 – 22, the more chances you'll have to win.

To make it easy, we've included a sample e-mail you can send to your friends. Send a copy to us at info@firstlinetraining.ca. And then you could win!

Help us and we'll all win. You could win a prepaid VISA card and you could get a referral fee; your friend can get some great new skills. And we get to teach more people, which makes us happy.

Thanks so much for your help!


SAMPLE E-MAIL to SEND to friends

Dear NAME,

Have you ever wished you were more in control of your day, or that your day could be easier? I said "yes" to those questions when I took First Line Training's UNCOMMON SUPERVISORY LEADERSHIP program.

This program, in five days, exposed me to new skills in four important areas: - how to deal with performance issues - how to instruct - how to make improvements in the work, and - how to set work priorities.

I haven't mastered these yet, but the skills I learned sure did make it easier for me. For example, (provide your example)

Over 100 people have taken this great course, and I think you would enjoy it, too. I've attached a flyer that describes the program. I really suggest you take it in to your boss and ask if you can attend. There's no question that if someone asked me whether they should go, I would say "YES!" "

Here is the link where you can register.

You can download the flyer by clicking here.

Hope you're able to attend. Let me know!

Yours truly,




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Upcoming courses

Uncommon Supervisory Leadership Program

June 18 - 22, 2012
Fraser Valley

Learn the basic elements of supervision: how to train, how to improve process, how to handle problem performance issues, and how to manage your work day to maximize your results. 5 half days plus a 20-day coaching program to follow up.

Call Hugh at (604) 866- 1502 with any questions or Click on the link below to register:

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